Late/Absence Procedures

Regular attendance is essential for your child's progress at school.  Research shows that missing school affects children's ability to make and keep friends, as well as falling behind with their work.


Children must only be absent from school if they are ill.  School policy follows NHS guidance which states "Children with diarrhoea and/or vomiting should definitely be kept off school until at least 48 hours after their symptoms have gone." (


If your child is ill or unable to attend school for any other reason, please contact the school office as early as possible the same day, with an explanation.  Please also ring school to advise if your child will be late for any reason. 


Should your child need to be absent due to a medical appointment, please ask at the office for a 'Pupil Absence Request Form', for which confirmation of the appointment from the doctor/hospital will also be required.


The school telephone number is 01509 214974.  If a parent or carer does not provide a satisfactory reason for absence, it remains unauthorised.


The Education Welfare Officer (EWO) regularly meets with the Headteacher to monitor children's attendance.  Our EWO is Naina Zavery.  She can be contacted on 07947 994289.


Just to give you an indication on how punctuality affects your child's learning, should they be even 5 minutes late per day, this results in 25 minutes per week, which equates to 3 whole school days of learning missed every year!  Now you can see why it's important for them to attend regularly and on time.


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Please contact the school office should you require a place for your child at Thorpe Acre Juniors.