Week Commencing 22nd November 2020

Friday 27th November



If you didn't get chance to do the writing activity yesterday, please have a go at that today. If you did, then:

Reading Comprehension Targeted Questions: have a go at the next comprehension

Handwriting: Have a go at activity 2 - Travel the world.



Times Table Rockstars - soundcheck

Hit the button - number bonds



Log on to Language Angels using the instructions under French. Have a look at the ppt for lesson 5 - Les Animaux then try some of the games underneath.



Please complete section 3 on conductors and insulators (p16 to 19). 


Thursday 26th November


Today we are writing our battlefield scene using ideas from the sentences we wrote over the last two days. I have included a guide to help structure your writing and a model text that follows the guide which you can read through and magpie ideas from. Enjoy.



We are carrying on using our number bonds to help us add and subtract mentally. Think about counting up from the smallest number by finding the next 10, the next hundred etc. You can draw a number line to help you if you need or do it in your head.

Choose one of the levels of questions to have a go at, there are two examples using number lines on the sheet.

Wednesday 25th November



Spend 10 minutes practicing the class bits and your lines in the poem ready for us to record it on Thursday.


We are carrying on today with generating sentences to describe our battlefield pictures. Use some of the given sentence openers and ideas from the word bank to write one or two amazing sentences about or beside each picture. We will use these tomorrow to create a complete setting description.



Extending our work from yesterday, we are looking at number bonds to 1000 with multiples of 50 or 100. Have a go at the sheets attached below. Keep an eye out as I will also try to add a code for you to try some revision questions on bar charts on a program called LBQ. Click on the link below and hopefully you can have a go at the questions (this is something new so fingers crossed). Try to answer as many as you can then I will be able to see you results.    The code is cwp.



Have a go at some of the exercises I have included below or complete you obstacle course from yesterday.



Look at the information on how Holy Week is celebrated in Britain and learn about some of the traditions. 

In your book make notes about some of the ways they celebrate Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday.

Tuesday 23rd November



Design an obstacle course that you could do at home (inside or out in your garden) that include a range of activities including balance, strength and speed. You could write it as a set of instructions or draw a plan and annotate it. Have fun!



This week in class, the children are sketching their John Nash building (in the picture below). They are going to do this by splitting the picture into 4 sections and focusing in on drawing one quarter at a time to build their complete sketch. 



Have a look through the flipchart below, can you write some interesting sentences to match the picture.


Number bonds to 100.  Have a go at the sheets below to revise and speed up your number bonds to 100. You could play hit the button as well which is our homework this week.


Monday 22nd November

Morning, hope you had a good weekend. In school we will be working in our books today in these pages.



Reading comprehension Targeted Question Book: p2 Choosing a bike or p4 The tale of Custard the Dragon 

Grammar Punctuation and Spelling Targeted Question Book: adverbial phrases p18    spelling auto- p72



10 minute Weekly: Workout 8

Mental Maths: Exercise 8

Maths Targeted Question Book: Measure and Perimeter p42-45  

Times Table Rock Star - garage



Electricity Workbook: Section 3: Conductors and Insulators p16 - 19  (extra if needed p1-5)


Don't forget to keep practicing your poem.

Please contact the school office should you require a place for your child at Thorpe Acre Juniors. If you would like to purchase a book for school from our Wish List, please visit