Week Commencing 2nd November 2020

Tuesday 3rd November


Geography: UK workbook

Read pages 6-9 in the study book then complete the pages in the workbook


Science: Teeth, Digestion and Food Chains

Work through section 3 on food chains (pages 14-22). Remember the answers are in the middle so you can check your work.


French: Colours and Animals

Follow the link under 'French' to find Language Angels. Have a look basic vocabulary, lesson 4 to recap your colours. Then have a go at some of the games by clicking on games arcade. Chose Les Couleurs or Les Animaux and try some of the games and activities.


PE: Football

Have a look at at the football slides below which introduce the rules of football and some of the skills we will be learning. There are two videos to watch and a quiz to see what you have remembered.

Wednesday 4th November


English: Writing our potion instructions

Starter: Grammar, punctuation and spelling targeted questions. Try page 8 and 9 on pronouns.

Main: Read part 1 of our example Black Fire potion. In your book, have a go at writing your own introduction with a rhetorical question, a section giving more detail about what the potion does and list of instructions following the example, tomorrow we will write the method. (I will try to type up and upload your plan, if not make up some more).


Maths: Time

Starter: complete 10 minute workout 5 (remember to time yourself, mark it and add your score at the back). Use the lesson on Oak academy to learn about 12 and 24 hour time using the link below.


RE: Easter Holy Week

Have a look at the attached story of Holy week. In your book, retell the key events that happened in order using up to 10 sentences. Number each sentence and miss a line between.

Thursday 5th November


English: Finish writing our potion instructions

Starter: Grammar, punctuation and spelling targeted questions. Try page 10 and 11 on possessive pronouns.

Main: Read part 2 of Black Fire potion. In your book, have a go at writing your method, a warning and a closing section. Try to include: time conjunctions (e.g. first, then, finally), adverbs (e.g. slowly, carefully), preposition phrases (e.g. into the cauldron, clockwise) and conjunctions (e.g. if, however).


Maths: Time

Starter: complete mental maths excercise 5 (remember to mark it and add your score at the back) 

Main In the targeted question book, try pages 50 and 51 on time. Then you could try some of the questions on 12 and 24h times on the attached sheet.


Science: Electricity

Have a go at pages 1-5 on electrical appliances and circuits.


Friday 6th November



Grammar, Punctuation and Spellings targeted questions: complete p42 (commas in a list) and p68 (dis and mis)

Reading comprehension target question book: Choosing a bike


Maths: Money

Starter: complete garage and sound check on Time Table Rockstars

Main: In the targeted question book, try pages 48 and 49 on money. 


Geography: UK

Click on the link below to watch a video and try some quick activities on identifying countries and cities in the UK.  In your study book read pages 10 and 11 and have a go at the questions in the work book.

                                       Have a lovely weekend.
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