Week Commencing 30th November 2020

Monday 30th November


Reading comprehension Targeted Question Book: Aesop's Fables

Handwriting workbook: activity 3



Times Table Rock Stars: garage

Hit the button: 7x tables

Use your times tables knowledge to help you complete the worksheet of multiplying by multiples by 10.

See below for the worksheets.



Watch the video about switches and how they work on Espresso.

Electricity workbook:  Complete pages 9-11 then completed p1-5 of the book if you haven't done this yet. 


Tuesday 1st December


Begin to work through the writing booklet Amazing Aliens p 1 - 5. You can complete it directly in the booklet or bits in your green book.



Complete the CSI Maths Mystery booklet to practice your times tables.



Have a look at the project below.



UK Workbook: read through 4 pages of your study book and complete the pages in the workbook.


Wednesday 2nd December


Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling Targeted Questions: page 46 (commas) and 80 (ly words)

Complete Amazing Aliens pages 6 and 7



Work through the lesson plan (L3) and have a go at the questions using your times tables to help you work out the inverse. If you finish there is a challenge using the 7x tables.



Design an obstacle course that you could do at home (inside or out in your garden) that include a range of activities including balance, strength and speed. You could write it as a set of instructions or draw a plan and annotate it. Have fun!



Look at the information on how Holy Week is celebrated in Britain and learn about some of the traditions.  

In your book make notes about some of the ways they celebrate Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday.


Thursday 3rd December


Complete Amazing Aliens pages 8 and 9



Mental Maths Workbook: Exercise 9

Watch the video on factor pairs following the link below the try the activities. 



Look at the PSHE section under home learning. Have a go at the being resilient activity.



Follow the lesson plan to create your own repeating pattern. 

Or follow the link below to lean all about the orchestra.


Friday 4th December


Complete Amazing Aliens pages 10 - 12



Times Table Rock Stars: Complete soundcheck so I can update your scores.

Maths Targeted Questions: pages 23 and 36 then choose 2 other pages from previous weeks to complete.



Log on to Language Angels using the instructions under French. Have another look at the ppt for lesson 5 - Les Animaux then complete the sheet attached below by writing I am sentences.

e.g. I am a duck - Je suis un canard.



Have a go at the attached activities.



Teeth, Digestion and Food Chains workbook: Choose 4 pages to complete in this book


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