Welcome to Fir!


We have been enjoying the lovely Spring weather and the children have enjoyed noticing the plants beginning to bud around the school.  After a lovely half term break we have an exciting half term ahead.


Curriculum information for parents:


This half term we will be learning about:



  • Using mental strategies;
  • Finding equivalent fractions;
  • Adding and subtracting fractions;
  • Converting fractions to decimals;
  • Identifying equivalent hundredths and tenths; 


We will be focusing on solving word problems in each unit.



  • Identifying the features of losing tale;
  • Analysing a character;
  • Writing descriptions;
  • Using a wide range of adventurous adjectives;
  • Finding synonyms;
  • Using fronted adverbials;
  • Reading a wide range of texts and poems;
  • Editing our work to improve it.



The children will be reviewing the parts of a plant and their functions.  They will then set up fair tests to explore whether all plants require the same conditions in order to survive.


Children will learn about how plants have adapted to their environment.



We will be investigating the question: How and why is our local environment changing?



  • Hockey
  • Tennis


Other subjects:



The children will be exploring the question: Why do some people think that life is a journey?

Design & Technology

Children will be participating in a TASC day to design and create a marble run.


Children will be learning about and comparing different artists from around the world. They will be using the artists’ work to inspire and create their own work.


The children are learning to recognise the different notes they have learnt so far. They will be learning to play short tunes on the recorder.

Children will also listen to a wide range of composers and discuss the variations in style.


This term, the children will be learning about different communities and what it means to belong to a community.

Modern Foreign Languages

In French, the children will be reviewing basic phrases learnt and learn some new Easter related vocabulary.



Each week the children will need to:

  • Practise the times tables for that week and there will be a test each Friday;
  • Learn and practise the spelling rules they have been taught;
  • Read every day and for this to be recorded in their reading records;


The children will also be asked to complete a project.


All of these websites are for children to practise a range of Maths, grammar and punctuation skills at home:


Useful information:

P.E. is on a Monday morning and a Wednesday morning.


Spellings and times tables can be found in the children's spelling records each week.


Mrs Kumari-Wright



Please contact the school office should you require a place for your child at Thorpe Acre Juniors.