Children at Thorpe Acre Juniors are enthusiastic computer programmers.  The school has invested in a range of high quality hardware, such as ipads and laptops.  Pupils are encouraged to independently write code for a range of programs and are given opportunities to create video games, multi-media presentations and a variety of written documents.


E-safety is a core principal in the school's computing curriculum and children regularly discuss and learn about how to keep themselves safe on line.  The school participates each year in Safer Internet Day with children's views on keeping safe when using computers being regularly gathered and monitored.

Computing Overview - 2022/2023



Computing LTP

(2 year programme)

2022 - 2023

Year 3/4

2022 - 2023

Year 5/6

Autumn 1



Programming A – scratch making music instrument coding x6 lessons

Creating sequences in a block-based programming language to make music.

Programming A – Variables in games    scratch

Exploring variables when designing and coding a game.

Autumn 2


Creating Media – Animation    x6 lessons

Capturing and editing digital still images to produce a stop-frame animation that tells a story.

Creating media – 3D Modelling-CAD

Planning, developing and evaluating 3D computer models of physical objects.

Spring 1


Data and information – branching information & databases. X6 lessons

Building and using branching databases to group objects using yes/no questions.

Data and information – Spreadsheets   


Answering questions by using spreadsheets to organise and calculate data.

Spring 2


Computing systems and networks – connecting computers. 

Identifying that digital devices have inputs, processes and outputs, and how devices can be connected to make networks.

Computing systems and networks – Communication

Recognising how the WWW can be used to communicate and be searched to find information.

Summer 1



Programming B – Events and actions coding sprites.

Writing algorithms and programs that use a range of events trigger sequences of actions.

Programming B – Sensing     micro:bit

(Online or with micr:bits)

Designing and coding a project that captures inputs from a physical device.

Summer 2



Creating media – Desktop publishing magazine front cover x6 lessons

Creating documents by modifying text, images, and page layouts for a specified purpose.

Creating media – Web page creation     google sites

Designing and creating webpages, giving consideration to copyright, aesthetics, and navigation.

Computing Overview - 2023/2024



Computing LTP

(2 year programme)

Year 2023 – 24

Year 3/4

Year 2023 – 24

Year 5/6

Autumn 1



Programming A – Repetition in shapes    

Using a text-based programming language to to explore count controlled loops when drawing shapes.

Crumbles unit (y5)

Programming A- Scratch. (loops, sequences, parallels)

(Unit 2 in scratch)

Autumn 2


Creating media – Audio editing     

Capturing and editing audio to produce a podcast, ensuring that copyright is considered.

Creating media – Vector drawing   PPT/Publisher

Creating images in a drawing program by using layers and groups of objects.

Spring 1


Data and information – Data logging(microbits)

Recognising how and why data is collected over time, before using micro:bits as data loggers to carry out an investigation.

Data and information – Flat-file databases   - create graphs etc

Using a database to order data and create charts to answer questions.

Spring 2


Computing systems and networks – The Internet   

Recognising the internet as a network of networks including the WWW, and why we should evaluate online content.  

Computing systems and networks – Sharing information

Identifying and exploring how information is shared between digital systems.

Summer 1



Programming B – Repetition in games  

Using a block based programming language to explore count-controlled and infinite loops when creating a game.

Programming B – Selection in quizzes     scratch

Exploring selection in programming to design and code an interactive quiz.

Summer 2



Creating media – Photo editing   

Manipulating digital images, and reflecting on the impact of changes and whether the required purpose if fulfilled.

Creating media – Video editing

planning, capturing, and editing video to produce a short film.

Computing Policy

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