Children at Thorpe Acre Juniors are enthusiastic computer programmers.  The school has invested in a range of high quality hardware, such as ipads and laptops.  Pupils are encouraged to independently write code for a range of programs and are given opportunities to create video games, multi-media presentations and a variety of written documents.


E-safety is a core principal in the school's computing curriculum and children regularly discuss and learn about how to keep themselves safe on line.  The school participates each year in Safer Internet Day with children's views on keeping safe when using computers being regularly gathered and monitored.

Computing Overview - 2021/2022



2021 - 2022

Computing long-term plan


Year 3 & Year 4



Year 5


Year 6


Autumn 1

                 6 weeks

Creating media – Audio editing     

Creating media – Vector drawing  

Creating media – 3D Modelling-CAD


Autumn 2

6 Weeks

Programming A – Repetition in shapes   

Text coding

Programming A- Scratch. (loops, sequences, parallels)


Programming A – Variables in games


E Safety –Trust/Fake news

1 week



Online safety discussing trust and fake news.


Online safety discussing trust and fake news.


Online safety discussing trust and fake news.


Spring 1

5 weeks

Data and information – Data logging

Data and information – Flat-file databases  

Data and information – Spreadsheets   


Spring 2

5 Weeks

Creating media – Photo editing   

Creating media – Video editing

Creating media – Web page creation    


Summer 1

4 Weeks

Computing systems and networks – The Internet      

Computing systems and networks – Sharing information


Computing systems and networks – Communication



Summer 2

5 Weeks

Programming B – Repetition in games  

Programming B – Selection in quizzes    

Programming B – Sensing    

Computing Policy

Please contact the school office should you require a place for your child at Thorpe Acre Juniors. If you would like to purchase a book for school from our Wish List, please visit