Our Curriculum Intent

Our school follows the National Curriculum.


It is our intention that our curriculum:

  • Gives all learners the best possible education
  • Allows every pupil to aspire to reach their next and future goals
  • Prepares pupils for the next year of learning
  • Enriches experiences by broadening pupils’ cultural capital
  • Teaches children British Values
  • Recognises and celebrates the diversity of pupils and the diversity of their experiences.


We are determined that everyone:

  • Is a reader
  • Acquires a wide vocabulary
  • Has automaticity in the recall of number facts.


We inspire all learners to:

  • Be confident, resilient and independent
  • Show empathy and compassion to others.


Subjects and Themes

English and Maths are taught daily, discretely, with a focus on key skills and independence. Where relevant and appropriate, links to the theme being taught are also made. We aim for the children to develop their stamina for reading, writing and recording in Maths and for their themed work to show real evidence of extended, purposeful cross-curricular writing.

Science is taught discretely on a weekly basis but also linked to our themes wherever possible. Our curriculum encourages the use and application of digital media and computing skills. All other subjects are largely taught through the theme ensuring a high age-related standard in each year group with skills being built on progressively year on year.




We want to deliver an innovative English curriculum which enables and empowers children’s written and oral communication and creativity.

Throughout the school pupils are taught to read easily and with understanding, developing the ability and desire to read widely and deeply for pleasure and information. They acquire and can apply the key skills of grammar, punctuation and spelling. They write clearly, accurately, coherently and neatly.



We want to empower every child to develop automaticity in the fundamentals of maths, so that they can confidently and independently apply their substantive and disciplinary knowledge to all areas of the curriculum, and to their mathematical reasoning.

It is essential that all children have a secure and confident grasp of age-appropriate key skills and mathematical vocabulary which allows them to access a deeper understanding and make links between areas of maths, applying their mathematical knowledge to Science and other subjects.




We want to provide opportunities for, and to encourage, all pupils to develop their skills of:

Leadership, resilience, independence, commitment, self-reliance, team-work and perseverance.



We want to support a welcoming, loving and caring environment built on honesty, trust and reliability which promotes:

Democracy, individual liberty, pride, mutual respect, the rule of law, tolerance and inclusiveness.




We want our pupils to be creative and confident in the use of colour and different artistic mediums.

Pupils need to develop their artistic skills in drawing, painting, printing, sculpting, designing and digital art and appreciate artists through confident creativity.



We want our pupils to appreciate music, dance, drama, languages and sports as essential elements of their cultural capital.

We place great emphasis and value on pupils’ ability to express themselves through the Arts, languages and sports so these are well promoted through the curriculum.



We want our pupils to use a broad range of skills and understanding to design and make products that solve real and relevant problems in a variety of contexts.

This also allows for pupils to engage in enterprise activities.




We want our pupils to trace British history and the great civilisations of the world.

We aim for our pupils to have the knowledge, skills and understanding to appreciate our history and that of human creativity, endeavour and exploration through time.



We feel it is important our pupils understand and value their own identity and heritage.

This includes their cultural roots, as citizens of Leicestershire, the UK and as members of a global society.




It is equally important for our pupils to have an age appropriate understanding of  British and World news.

Current affairs includes matters of political importance, e.g. who are Prime Minister is, propaganda and fake news.



Our Geography curriculum engages pupils in studying the wider world, people, places and the environment. There is an emphasis on pupils asking, and finding the answers to, key geographical questions.

Pupils need to have a knowledge of the world they live in –oceans, continents, major countries and cities, social and physical geography, the environment and sustainability.




Our Science curriculum aims to develop scientific knowledge and conceptual understanding, a thirst for investigation, experimentation, exploration and discovery.

This will include practical investigations and the development and application of key scientific skills which are progressively built upon year on year.



It is important our pupils are able to understand and apply the fundamental principles of computing.

This will include abstraction, logic, algorithms and data representation as well as digital technology.



Please see the curriculum overview in each subject below, to see what child is learning this year.


If you have any questions about what this, or how best to support their learning at home, do not hesitate to arrange a time to discuss it further with your child’s teacher.

Curriculum Subject Information and Policies.

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May 2023 - Our Curriculum Policies are currently being reviewed

What Does Ofsted Say About Our Curriculum?

We wish all our pupils, parents and staff, a very happy summer holiday. See you all again on 29th August 2024. Please contact the school office should you require a place for your child at Thorpe Acre Juniors. If you would like to purchase a book for school from our Wish List, please visit