The school’s overall objective is for each child to become a fluent and confident reader who reads widely and for pleasure.  Reading is taught as a specific skill and each child’s progress is carefully monitored.  Children are taught reading strategies in small groups during Guided Reading.  Once a week there is a Whole Class Reading session with the purpose of developing vocabulary, and retrieval and inference skills.  This session is based on the class read which is a high quality, age appropriate text.  Thorpe Acre Junior School has invested heavily in a wide variety of new books which provide a structured approach to the teaching of reading throughout the school.  Read,Write Inc intervention is provided for those pupils who need additional support to address any gaps in their phonic knowledge.  Accelerated Reader is provided for all pupils which encourages children to read a wide variety of texts whilst allowing their progress to be carefully monitored and tracked. There is a wide range of graded reading material within the school and this is supported by a well-stocked fiction and non-fiction library.  We frequently hold reading themed days in school which we hope will foster a sharing and love of books.

It is expected that parents will listen to their child read for 10-15 mins each night and record this and any new vocabulary in their reading record.




Children are given opportunities to write for many different purposes and audiences both within English and in other subjects.  A main focus is for children to edit and improve their own work, sometimes in collaboration with their peers, to produce a final piece of writing of which they are proud.  Children's work is celebrated by being displayed around school. 


The school has invested in the "Let’s Get Spelling" programme to teach children spelling rules in a fun and engaging way.  Speaking and listening skills are encouraged through class discussions and debates and through dramatic performances.  



English Overview - 2021/2022





Year 3

Stone Age Boy - Narrative


Autumn is Here - Poetry


Theseus and the Minotaur – Narrative


How a Robot Dog Works – Explanation


Robot Dog For Sale - Persuasion

Egyptian Cinderella - Narrative and Diary


Howard Carter and Tutenkhamun - Non-chronological Report


Poetry based on study of Ancient Egypt


The Secret of Black Rock – Narrative


My Strong Mind – Instructions



Desert and polar regions – Description


Ice Palace – Newspaper report


David Attenborough – Biography


Plastic in the ocean - Newspaper report


Stranger Danger – Information text

Year 4

The Nothing To See Here Hotel – Narrative


Holiday Brochure – Sicily – Persuasion


Romans – Non-chronological Report


Roman myths -  Narrative


Romans – Newspaper Report



The River – Poetry


The Whale – Narrative


Krindlekrax – Narrative


Krindlekrax -  Non-Chronological Report

Aladdin and the Enchanted Lamp – Narrative


Macbeth – Playscript and Instructions


The Little Hen and The Great War – Narrative


Archie’s War – Diary


World War One – Non-Chronological Report


Year 5

The Nowhere Emporium – Narrative


Anglo-Saxon Boy – Diary and Letter




One Small Step – Narrative


North America – Non-Chronological Report


Space – Mars Transmission – Journalistic writing


Christmas Poetry


Mayan Myths – Narrative


Mayans topic – Instructions


Mayans topic – Poetry


Wolf Brother – Narrative


Wolf Brother – Explanation



The Explorer – Narrative


Journey to the River Sea – Journalistic writing


Rivers – Poetry


Is it ever right to steal? – Balanced argument


Artemis Fowl – Playscript


Crime and Punishment – Persuasive letter

Year 6

Holes – Letter


Holes – Non-chronological report


Holes – Narrative


Kensuke’s Kingdom – Narrative


Volcanoes – Diary


Volcanoes – Tanka poetry


Volcanoes – Non-chronological report

Norse myths – Narrative


Goldilocks – Journalistic writing


Current issue – Balanced argument




Room 13 – Narrative



Room 13 – Narrative


Letters from the Lighthouse – Recount


The Giant’s Necklace – Diary


The Giant’s Necklace – Journalistic writing


Climate Change - Speech

Please contact the school office should you require a place for your child at Thorpe Acre Juniors. If you would like to purchase a book for school from our Wish List, please visit