At Thorpe Acre Junior School, our vision is to offer children a science curriculum that ignites their curiosity and enables them to have the confidence to explore and discover the world around them, nurturing a thirst for knowledge and developing a deeper understanding of the world, in which we live both locally and globally. We aim to increase our children’s natural curiosity and provide a stimulating science curriculum that ensures children have the necessary understanding of the scientific concepts, substantive and disciplinary knowledge and vocabulary needed to understand how science affects our daily lives. We aim to provide stimulating and challenging experiences that help children to enjoy, secure and extend both their scientific understanding and vocabulary.


We aim for every science lesson to be an opportunity for children to develop their knowledge and skills through a range of activities which enable them to both learn and apply transferable skills across other areas of the curriculum. Science teaching follows the National Curriculum outline for progression, and we believe that these opportunities will ensure that our children become confident, lifelong learners who use their science skills to constantly explore and understand the ever-changing world around them.

Science Overview - 2023/2024


Green = Biology

Blue    = Physics

Red     = Chemistry


Science Policy

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