Modern Foreign Languages (MFL)

At Thorpe Acre Junior School, it is our intent that children grow up developing an interest, understanding and appreciation for learning other languages in a way which is enjoyable and engaging. Learning a foreign language is a necessary part of being a member of a multi-cultural society and provides opportunities to understand, acknowledge and respect other cultures.


As children become more aware of cultural differences between Britain and France, their understanding and awareness of cultures across other countries will develop too. With a high-quality languages education, we aim to embed the necessary substantive and disciplinary knowledge of listening, speaking, reading and writing to enable children to use and apply their French learning in a variety of contexts and lay the foundations for future language learning.

French Overview - 2023/2024


Modern Foreign Languages Policy

We wish all our pupils, parents and staff, a very happy summer holiday. See you all again on 29th August 2024. Please contact the school office should you require a place for your child at Thorpe Acre Juniors. If you would like to purchase a book for school from our Wish List, please visit