Modern Foreign Languages (MFL)

Children are taught French once a week.  They learn how to communicate in French as well as learning about the French way of life. 


Thorpe Acre Juniors offers termly enrichment days where pupils learn about the different countries where French is spoken around the world and experience different aspects of French culture through activities such as cooking or playing traditional games etc.

French Overview - 2021/2022



Year 3

(Early Language Units)

Mixed year 3/4


(E and I units)

Year 4 and Year 5

(Intermediate Language


Year 6

(Intermediate Language


Autumn 1

Core Vocabulary * & Phonetics

Core Vocabulary * & Phonetics

Presenting Myself

Do You Have A Pet?

Autumn 2

I'm Learning French

Phonics lesson 1&2 (C)

Shapes (E)


What Is The Date?

Spring 1



Vegetables (E)

My Home

The Weather

Spring 2



The Tudors or The Romans (I)

At The Café


Summer 1

Little Red Riding Hood

The Classroom (I)

The Classroom

The Olympics or Habitats

(Progressive Version)

Summer 2

I Can…

(dance, sing, watch etc..)

Habitats (I)


At School

(progressive version)


Due to starting a new scheme for the French Curriculum the following plan is in place so that children have an accessible starting point and progress through language learning acquiring the key 5 skills of listening, speaking, reading, writing and grammar. The aim is to ensure a challenging curriculum where children make good or better progress.

Modern Foreign Languages Policy

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