'Travel to Tokyo'

As a build up to next summer's Olympics, starting on Monday 30th November 2020 we will embark on the ‘Travel to Tokyo’ challenge as a school.  There is around a 6000 mile distance from here to Tokyo so to achieve this, each class will be going out 3 times a week for a 5 minute run.  We are hoping to increase the length of time per run after Christmas.  This will involve 2 x 5 minutes in the PE lessons and then once a week with the class teacher.  The children will run around the netball court, with the teacher tallying up the number of lengths for the class.  


Each class will be competing to reach different landmarks around Europe.  A total will be taken at the end of the week for each class and this will be mapped in the hall.  There will also be a school total per week, with the aim of reaching Tokyo by the end of 2021.  


As a launch for the 'Travel to Tokyo' challenge, we will be having an ‘active shoe day’ on Monday 30th November, with everyone in school being asked to wear their trainers as part of the day.

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